Tabeso v2.1.1

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What’s new:

- Image cropper has correct size in event creation
- Better share message for texts and emails
- Better post format for Twitter/FB
- Character count for Twitter posts
- Smoother animations and other UI tweaks
- Bug fixes & performance improvements


Team Tabeso

Bucket List • Harbin Ice Festival


With temperatures that reach as low as forty below zero for nearly half of the year, Harbin (the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China) is the perfect place to hold the largest ice festival in the world. Rather than suffer through the cold, the residents of Harbin celebrate it with the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, full of exquisite and artistic ice and snow sculptures and competitions.  

Don’t let the freezing temperatures deter you from experiencing this remarkable view that pictures just don’t do justice. You’ll be so distracted by the works and too busy experiencing the thrilling ice slides, that you’ll hardly notice your teeth chattering (or so we’ve been told).

More than 15,000 people carve (by hand or laser) more than 4 million cubic feet of ice into a few thousand pieces all created with ice from the Songhua River, and can be viewed in four primary parks and amusement zones. Not to mention all the ice architecture created throughout the city for the winter (it’s everywhere you look). It’s the combination of art and science that creates the elaborate and ornate ice and snow spectacle, and also a cultural event for international exchange.

Every year, there are many ice sculpture experts, artists and fans from America, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Russia, China, etc. gathering in this city to participate ice sculpting competitions, and to communicate with each other in the ice and snow world. This 2-month festival in January and February (the coldest months in Harbin) is a must-see for families, and gives a whole new meaning to the name Winter Wonderland.


The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival will officially start on January 5, 2014 and it will be celebrated till February 28, 2014. For more information visit:


Keep Tabs on the Harbin Ice Festival in Tabeso right HERE!

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An Amazing Week!


We could not be more grateful for the support we’ve received from new users, companies, and brands over the past week! Here’s the recap:

NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal signed up, said some super nice things about us, and started a scavenger hunt on Tabeso to hook-up some lucky people for the holiday. Be sure to keep an eye on his Twitter for future updates and other random acts of Shaqness.

Neff Headwear communicated with their audience that Tabeso is ”the best source for event discovery and sharing right on your phone”, and is hosting three giveaways: Courtside tickets to the Clippers game, and a chance to Win the entire Steve Aoki Collection, and a chance to win signed gear from Austin Carlile…just for following them on Tabeso!

Levi Maestro introduced Tabeso to his supporters with some pretty inspiring words about why he loves and has a need for Tabeso. With such a loyal and supportive audience, this was amazing to read and see.

House of Blues - Vegas is giving away a VIP Santana experience at his upcoming Jan. 30th concert. All you have to do is follow the HOB on Tabeso and “Keep Tabs” on the Win a VIP Santana Experience event”! A winner will be announced on Jan 15th.

Orabrush produced and shared a video on their YouTube page to communicate their support, and at the same time announce their plans to break the Guinness World Record for the largest speed-dating event on Jan. 25th! 

Sammi Sanchez, an up and coming pop artist, showed us some love and is setting up a private Skype call with herself and one of her fans. We couldn’t be more excited that Sammi loves the app, and is already using it in both her personal and professional life.

Skullcandy recently dropped in as well and is using Tabeso as their official source for all of their parties, product drops, appearances and contests. Stay tuned to their page for some amazing events in 2014.

…and The Adam Carolla Show is using Tabeso as the exclusive source for all upcoming live podcasts, comedy shows, appearances and contests. They are also the first to use our brand-new website widget to feature their Tabeso feed directly to their website viewers. Follow the show on Tabeso for a chance to win a lunch with the Aceman himself here! 

How amazing is all of this love…Thank you to everyone who has made this last week for us nothing short of amazing, and especially to everyone who has been involved with us since the very beginning.

Please show these Tabeso supporters some love and support them back by entering their giveaways and following them on Tabeso.

Thanks for joining us in finding #SomethingToDo

Team Tabeso

Tabeso v2.1 Launch!


Version 2.1 of our app launched this week, and we are excited to announce that you can now add your own personal events in Tabeso!

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater party that you want everyone to know about? Are you home for the holidays and want to have dinner with your closest friends? Did you randomly discover a sweet “tonight only” special at a local food spot? Tabeso is your answer.

Add and share events to your Tabeso network, and even to your Facebook or Twitter friends. If you happen to have friends or family that aren’t “in” on the social front, then that’s okay as well. You can still easily send them an email or a text about your event that will have all the same information as someone viewing the app. Tabeso is the easiest and most effective way to get the word out to the people you love (or just people in general, really) about the exciting events that fill our lives.

The truth is, there has never been a central and effective place to find all the events happening around you … no matter how big or small. Event information is spread across so many different platforms that it is impossible to discover events that you didn’t even know existed. Tabeso helps bridge that gap and connects both businesses and users in a way that it hasn’t been in the past.

Learn more about Tabeso, what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it at You can search for events, your favorite brand, team, venue and more right there on the site! Also, Keep a lookout for contests and giveaways this week as some of our biggest enthusiasts and supporters help us spread the word about Tabeso across their various social media outlets:

The Adam Carolla Show
Neff Headwear
HOB Las Vegas
Levi Maestro
Sammi Sanchez

…and more.

Thanks for the support everyone! This is just the beginning :)

Team Tabeso


Bucket List • San Diego Bay Parade of Lights


With the holiday season upon us, our schedules are probably starting to fill up with events and parties that help spread the Christmas cheer. From ugly sweater parties and ice skating to live nativities and light displays—the options are endless!

One event that stuck out to us here at Tabeso—puts a different spin on the classic tradition of looking at houses covered in Christmas lights. In San Diego, the boating community decorates boats instead! This year marks the 42nd annual San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, where more than 80 lavishly decorated boats will sail around Shelter Island past Harbor Island, the Embarcadero, Seaport  Village, and Ferry Landing in Coronado. The theme for the boats this year is “Big Bay Toy Parade,”and all boats that participate will be judged based on originality and their creative use of decorations depicting the theme, for a chance to win prizes. 

The San Diego Bay Parade of Lights is held two consecutive Sundays each year, and will be on December 8th and the 15th this year from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. 

Whether you’re a participant or spectator, The Parade of Lights is a fun and festive experience for all! 

(Photo by Trent Bell)

Fun Friday Followup!


The thing is…there are always a million different activities going on around you that maybe you didn’t know about—- that is until you see your friends post their fun pictures all over Facebook and Instagram and you realize that you missed out. Tabeso helps you get a front row seat to all the fun events going on BEFORE they happen. Whether you’re on a vacation, home for the holidays, or are just looking for something new and fun to do in your hometown…Tabeso can help. 

Explore. Follow. Tab. 

Last week we started a new promotional contest to help encourage people to get out and have fun. We asked you to post the fun things you do all weekend long using the hashtag #tabeso for a chance to win a gift card that you must be willing to spend on yourself to have more fun. We decided to choose two winners this week, since we couldn’t just pick one…(We make the rules, so we can break them!)

Congratulations to Nan and Evan! 



Enjoy those $25 gift cards! 

We’re going to keep doing this contest every weekend to help encourage people to get out and have fun! There is so much out there to do and Tabeso can help you find it. 

Find Fun. Have Fun.

We Are Thankful For…


We have had a pretty stellar year here at Tabeso, and there’s a lot to be thankful for…

Just over a year ago, Tabeso was a simple idea that came about on a simple bike ride. Since then, we have gained a tremendous amount of supporters, found friends and family who believed in us enough to invest, formed a dynamic team who have accomplished the impossible, released our beta version of the app that now has over 40 thousand users, formed some huge partnerships with key players and brands in the entertainment industry, got press in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, and have an official launch to the world planned very VERY soon! Wow, what a mouthful.

As you can see, we have had a lot of awesome progress this year and we have YOU to thank. Thank you for using our product. Thank you for telling your friends. Thank you for your feedback. And most of all…thank you for believing in us. We could not be more grateful for the outrageous amount of support we have received throughout this process. It’s overwhelming, really. We have some big things in the works and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little dream that has turned into a big reality. 

With Love, 
The Tabeso Team

Bucket List • Festival Of Lights


Every second of every day there are hundreds of thousands of events going on all around the world. We at Tabeso, want to help you learn about some of these amazing events that either are (or should be) on your bucket list.

Welcome to our Bucket List…

Did you know that the lantern and floating candle festival you see in the Disney movie Tangled, is actually based on a real festival that happens every year in Thailand? We didn’t either! There are actually two festivals that happen around the same time and make for one magical celebration.

Loy Krathong (Festival of Lights) is a Thai festival that happens on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month (mid-November) when the tide in the rivers is at its highest and the moon is at its brightest. Loy Krathong stems from Buddhist beliefs and allows participants the opportunity to pay respectful thanks to Phra Mae Khongkha, the Goddess of Water for their misdeeds against her. Traditionally Thais will float ornaments—made from loaves of bread or the bark of banana trees and are decorated with banana leaves and flowers—down the rivers symbolizing the letting go of anger, hate and negative thoughts while making positive wishes for their future.

Loy Krathong celebrations can be found all throughout Thailand, however, the celebration is especially vibrant in the Chiangmai province, as it is combined with Li Peng. While Loy Krathong entails sending candles and floating ornaments out onto rivers, Yi Peng involves releasing beautiful lanterns into the sky. There is a mass release of over 10,000 lit paper lanterns that float high into the heavens and seemingly set the sky on fire. Before launching their khom loi, many people write messages, good luck wishes and prayers on them, with the hope that their misfortunes will fly away from them. 

Imagine seeing both the river and sky appear on fire at the same time! Breathtaking. Be sure you plan your next asian adventure accordingly, because this is one festival you don’t want to miss!

Check out the Festival of Lights on Tabeso HERE

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We want Android too…


We’ve been working on Tabeso for the last year and I can honestly say that one of the most frustrating parts of the process has been not having App’s on both iPhone and Android platforms. But thank goodness we don’t! Here’s a little insight into why that is:

I was adamant with our dev team we needed both platforms to launch at the same time. I had no interest in choosing one over the other. In September of last year, we were in San Francisco meeting with my childhood friend and Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose who helped us realize how crazy we are to think we will get Tabeso right the first try. He then explained how much time and money it would take to make the necessary changes to both platforms at the same time. Well, he was right!

As to why we chose iPhone vs Android out of the gate, this insight from Dredge is pretty spot on:

“Developing iOS apps means ensuring they work nicely on a small range of iPhones and/or iPads: generally 6-8 different devices depending how far back the developer wants to go,” Dredge said in a report written last month. “On Android, it’s a different story: nearly 12,000 different devices out there in the hands of people, with a wider range of screen sizes, processors and versions of the Android software still in use.”

Over the last 6 months we have rebuilt the application, including massive changes, SIX times. We are very excited about v2 and feel we are finally ready to start the process of getting an Android app to market. So please be patient and know that there is nobody on the planet more interested in getting Tabeso on the Android market more than me. It would double our user base over night and we want the entire world using Tabeso.   

We are putting together a beta list and would love to keep you updated as well as get the test version in your hands ASAP. Please sign up here:

Android Beta List for Tabeso

Thanks for hanging in there. - Joe Herrera, CEO 

Tabeso Partners With UNLVtickets, Thomas & Mack Center, Sam Boyd Stadium, and Cox Pavilion

LAS VEGAS - Tabeso is pleased to announce its partnership with UNLVtickets, encompassing events at the Thomas & Mack Center, Sam Boyd Stadium, and the Cox Pavilion. This collaboration marks an extensive achievement for Tabeso, created and operated by local Las Vegas natives. The upcoming UNLVtickets events will be broadcast on the app and available for purchasing and sharing on Tabeso starting in August 2013. 

"UNLVtickets chose to jump on board with Tabeso because like us, they share the same passion in supporting the Southern Nevada community,” said Nevada Colwell, UNLVtickets Director of Marketing. “Mobile applications are becoming more of an organic entity in marketing, and we want to be right there when Tabeso grows into something big.” 

Tabeso will allow UNLVtickets to easily publicize their events in the Las Vegas community and allow residents to share the events with their family and friends. UNLVtickets provides the best in sports and family entertainment including the National Finals Rodeo, USA Sevens Rugby tournament, Championship Boxing, WWE, Disney On Ice, and Runnin’ Rebel Basketball.

Tabeso is committed to providing users with events around the world and partnering with new organizations and venues to upload unique events and annihilate boredom.

See the official UNLV Tickets press release link HERE.


About UNLVtickets:

UNLVtickets is the in-house ticketing company for all Thomas & Mack Center, Sam Boyd Stadium, Cox Pavilion, and UNLV Athletic events. The facilities launched UNLVtickets on July 1, 2002. Powered by software giant, Paciolan, the internal ticketing company also handles the ticketing needs for Coast Casinos and UNLV Performing Arts. Events sold through UNLVtickets can be purchased at the Thomas & Mack Center Ticket Office, charged by phone at 702-739-FANS, online at, or at the UNLVtickets Outlet at Town Square Las Vegas Concierge.

About Tabeso:

Tabeso is an event discovery app that allows one to search for things happening around a given area. The app has a social networking component that allows one to share the events, groups, or venues that are discovered through different outlets. Tabeso was launched in March 2013 and stems from Las Vegas. 

Our entire lives revolve around the events we fill our time with. Tabeso© has created one application that will help you discover, share and attend the amazing events that are happening all around you.

Search: for the things happening around you. Follow your favorite venues & Organizations. See who/what your friends are following.

Share: events, venues, and organizations with: Tabeso Activity Stream, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text

GO: add to your calendar, buy tickets, make plans, or simply just go…Your life needs you!

To learn more about Tabeso or set up an interview please contact: Chad Ramos, Tabeso Chief Marketing Officer -

Ginger Land-van Buuren, Mixed Media Entertainment 702-990-2787 ext. 1097